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Monday, March 25, 2013

Week 1

I was very satisfied with how this week went in terms of my goals. The intensity was not as high as I would of liked, but for a warmup week, I could not have asked for a better start. In the future I will have to step up the intensity a lot if I want to step anywhere near my goals.

Surprisingly, this was the easiest part for me. I allowed myself one cheat night on Saturday, since I was with friends for the night and have a couple of beers and a burger. Other than that, everything was spot on and if I can keep this up for 10 weeks, I am confident in the results that I will see. In terms of actual food logs, I wasn't as consistent in logging as I need to be, but here is a glimpse into what I did record:
8am : ¾ cup oatmeal w/ ¼ cup of raisins and 1 tablespoon of brown sugar.
½ banana
11am: Myoplex Ready to drink protein shake (post workout)
230am: Medium to large Salmon piece w/ vegetables.
445: Myoplex ready to drink protein
7 – Plain grilled chicken breast terryaki w brown rice and small salad
8am: Cereal w milk and 160 calorie muscle milk light protein shake
11:15 : Double scoop protein shake
12:30 : Salmon and veggies
3 pm : Qwest protein bar
6pm : Chicken and brown rice
10am : 4 egg whites w/ Spinach, turkey, feta w whole wheat pita and Apple Sauce
2:30pm : Hard Boiled egg and greek yogurt
4:15pm : ½ turkey sandwich with banana
7pm : Qwest Bar
830 pm: Protein Shake (pre workout)
11:30 pm : Chicken breast and cottage cheese (post workout)

The diet remained very clean through the week, I just need to make sure I do a better job recording everything this week.

IMPROVEMENTS – 1. As stated above, better food logs. 2. Although its been clean, I need ot cut down meal sizes at night. 3. Does anyone know a good Iphone app for logging food?

I had a good frequency with my workouts this week. The intensity was lower than I wanted, but for a warmup week it was easily enough work. I got measurements on Tuesday with my trainer. I left the sheet at home right now (blogging at coffee shop) but I do remember I weighed in at 215.5. I will get the rest of the measurements next week. I like the 3 on 1 off routine I have going alternating between upper body, core and cardio and lower body.
Tuesday : Upperbody
Wednesday: Core and cardio
Flat lying bicycle crunches 2x1min 8/10
10lb medicine ball oblique Vturns + Ball Toss. 3X15 6/9/9 out of 10
Incline Crunches – 1x12 no weight (highest incline) 1x12 3 notches down. 1X12 all the way down.
(Def struggled on these and not what I used to be able to do)
90 second Plank circuit – 30 sec front, 30 sec side, 30 sec side in a row. X3 7/8/9.5 Last set I added an additional 30 sec front at end of circuit. Felt good.
Hoisin AB Crunch machine – 1x10x70lb 7/10 , 1x50x15 8/10, 1x55x15 8/10

½ mile run 4 minutes 33 seconds. 7 mph for .2 miles, 6.5 mph for .2 miles. Then 7.5 mph for .1 miles. 8/10

Realize its going to get long writing down each exercise, so I wont put you guys through that right now. Let me know in the comments if you guys do want that though. Thursday was Leg day which is the hardest workout by far. This was my laziest workout of the week cause I was distracted by the NCAA tournament the whole time so hoping to get a much better leg workout in today. Friday was my off day followed by upper body on saturday and core on sunday.
WHAT I NEED TO IMPROVE – I need to plan ahead my movements in the gym better so I am not wasting time figuring out what to do next. I also need to step up the intensity more this week. Starting it off with legs today will set a good standard :D. Worked out with a friend last night also and found it easier to have a higher intensity. Just having someone next to you pushes you not to quit early and work harder then them, hopefully the felt the same and had a high intensity workout as well.

POKERFinally, the part that most of you probably read this blog for. Not very happy with how many hours I put in this week. The NCAA tournament cut into my time a ton on Thursday and Friday Saturday. This week I shouldn't have that as much of a distraction with fewer games on. Plan on playing every day except Saturday since we have our Fantasy Baseball Draft (live Auction!).
Stats for this week – 28 hours +$1570. Ended up right about the hourly rate I am looking for in the games I am playing. Was hoping for a lot more rake back this month from the promotion that Tulalip is running. They have 12 drawings every Wednesday and Sunday for $750 each. There are various ways to earn tickets such as playing in the nightly tournaments, or playing certain cash games or making a full house. I should have been drawn once or twice by now, but am empty so far. Wednesday is the last day I can make it for drawings so hopefully variance levels out.

Hand Of the Week
I loved this hand so much. Love every bit of my thinking through, but also considering the opponet. Ill try my best to do a Hand of the Week every blog, but this blog is already getting very long. Let me know what you guys want to see in the comments!

Hand: QT o 3/5 nl.
Preflop – Weak player posts dead BB and SB in middle position. He checks and I raise to $25 in the cutoff. Button calls who is playing about $1500 and is a winning player in the game. The button sometimes plays in the bigger games. I think he is a winning player and can hand read some but he is a amateur player afaik. Both blinds call and wee see a 4 way flop. I am playing about $500 effective and have been very quiet at a table where people a drinking a stacks are deep.

Flop Q75 r
Both blinds check to me and I decide to check since I will most likely only get 1 street of value on this board and want to control the size of the pot. Also the button player is the type who I might be able to induce bluffs from. I check and the button bets $60. Folds back to me I call. I still consider his range wide and feel I am comfortably ahead of it.
Turn 4.
I check. Button Bets $60. When he chooses the same bet sizing on the turn as the flop I am not liking the situation as much. I take out the nutted part of his range with this sizzing (QQ, 77,55,86). I also take his stone air bluffs out of his range (such as 98). I feel he has showdown value that he wants to ekk out another bet. I call though planning to evaluate the river and the price I am getting on the turn. Since I have the top of my range I feel folding it not a good option yet.
River A
I check. This river is one that I feel if he was bluffing he would continue. I also feel that the only hands that improve in the villains range is AQ and A7 and possible Ax he was barreling on flop and turn. Villain bets $110 into a pot of $340. I have $375. The key part to this river is I respect the villains game enough to value bet thin. I believe this player would bet KQ and AT hands on this river as my hand looks exactly like a weak queen or JJ. I feel that his turn and river sizing indicate exactly that he is going for thin value in my eyes. I feel calling here is not a option at all as I beat 0 value hands. I do feel though that I can turn my hand into a bluff profitably and fold out almost all of his value range other than sets and straights. I might even get him to fold a hand as strong as 57. I believe the villain will fold all of his 1 pair hands as I am trying to rep 2pair plus hands here. IMO no one in the 3/5 player pool EVER turns a made hand into a bluff on the river. He expects to see almost always NUTTED hands because that is what EVERY OTHER player has in the 3/5 player pool here. Obviously I am acting on a lot of assumptions here and I don't try this move against many players, but I felt everything added up here.
I shove $375 villain folds KQ
Just felt this was a cool hand since the situation comes up so rarely at these stakes and stack depths.

What I need to improve on – 1.) Hours 2) Work on my game more and review my play

Weather is starting to look up here in Seattle. Currently writing at a coffee shop on the beach and the weather is awesome. This Saturday is our Fantasy Baseball Auction Draft in the league I play in every year. Looking forward to kicking all their asses and have been doing some research to get ready. Ill post the results in the next blog. Other than that though it will be the usual grind this week of Poker and working out. Looking forward to a better week this week and just keep improving.
Ill leave you guys with 2 things. First is one of the coolest golf shots you will see from Bay Hill yesterday. Ill also leave you with an updated picture of my bracket. It looks messy, but I still have a decent chance to make money in 2 of the pools since my final 4 is intact. LETS GO FLORIDA and Louisville!


  1. Hey Matt, have you tried the My Fitness Pal iPhone App yet? I use it on WinPhone and have been very pleased with it - it has a large food database, can sync to other services (I use it with my fitbit), and has a barcode scanner that makes inputting store bought food a snap.

  2. Hey Matt, what would be a good bankroll for 3/5 NL mixed with some 1/2 PLO, playing 35-45hrs/week live? I don't mind going broke (so my risk of ruin doesn't have to be 1% or something crazy), but would obviously prefer not to. I played online for a living for 4 years ('08-'11), but went to grad school after Black Friday. Now I want to give the live grind a shot since working $15/hr processing jobs w/a Master's degree in Accounting is pretty soul crushing.

  3. Matt,
    Nice work with the exercise routine. I dunno if you play sports, but I'd highly suggest that too. When you play sports not only do you increase your physical fitness (which is good for your mental stamina and general mood control at the table) but you also keep your mind athletic and nimble, i.e. capable of making very quick and sometimes unusual assessments (like your Q10 bluff) in complicated situations. These unusual assessments are the ones that can define your competitive edge.