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Monday, October 1, 2012

4th Quarter Goals

 4th Quarter Goals 2012
As I enter the 4th and final quarter of 2012, I want to set my self up to end the year in the best possible way. I am trying to give my self something to shoot for in order to push my self as far as I can these final 12 weeks of this year. As someone who needs structure in their life I feel now is a good time to set my goals, or even better expectations, for the rest of the year. More importantly is how I will accomplish these tasks.

  • $24,000 Profit
    • How- The grind is how I accomplish this. Poker is my job and thus I must treat it like one. All other goals are geared towards me reaching this goal. This goal is all about putting hours in at the table. I need to make $2,000 a week to accomplish this. That will take me roughly 40 hours a week at the minimum! At the beginning of the week I need to set my schedule so I get in those hours. Start by scheduling any events (Huskey Games, Seahawks, Softball etc) and schedule my work around those. I need to stick to those hours also. I will have some flexibility but those are work hours and I need to stick to them.
  • Work Harder on my game then ever before.
      • How- I need to be putting in the hours outside of the tables to get to the point where I want my game to be. I want to be a complete all around poker player. I want to be able to walk into Commerce and sit down in whatever the best poker game is in the room. There is a great thread on 2p2 written by Tony Dunst 2 years ago. I focused more on the bottom end where Tony lists the 10 ways to work on your poker game.
            • 1. Playing poker
              2. Hiring a coach
              3. Watching training videos
              4. Reading forums
              5. Reading books.
              6. Reading articles.
              7. Reviewing your own hand histories.
              8. Reviewing the hand histories of others.
              9. Discussing hands with friends or watching them play.
              10. Watching poker television.
          • I plan on focusing on Playing poker, watching videos, reading books, articles, hand histories of mine and others, and discussing hands with friends.
  • Final Table a Live Event
      • How- Put in volume in live events. I will be playing a decent live schedule (traveling 1 week or so a month) so I will have a decent chance to grab a FT. I need to work hard on my tournament game. Practice shove ranges, call ranges, play with poker stove. This is all about putting in hard work to get what I want out of poker
  • Increase my poker Image → Blogging more
      • How – I want to turn this blog into a marketing tool for the future. Expect to see more strategy articles. I may not be the best right away but I do plan on trying my best. Current ideas include a article on “The perfect 2/5 nl player”. I have some other ideas I want to pump out. This blog is small right now, but by pumping out more content I can increase my image within the poker community.
  • Become more competent and proficient at other forms of poker
    • How – My studying time will not only focus on NL Holdem, but plo, stud, draw games. Like I said above, I want to become a more well rounded poker player. I want to be able to kill any form of poker. Books will most likely be the best place for me to start with games like stud and draw. Through books, forums, videos and articles I should be able to get a solid background in all forms of poker. I would love to win a circuit ring in a horse or other mixed game event.
  • When Traveling, Make poker my sole focus
      • How – My routine should not be changing while traveling. My focus / goals remain the same, I just adjust to the setting and keep my routine the same. Yes, I want to do some sight seeing etc and I will try to schedule 1 or 1.5 days off to go to a sporting event or see stuff, but I travel for 1 reason and 1 reason only and that is to make money.
  • Make Poker my life, devote more time than ever before
      • How – There are a lot of people who want to play poker for a living. They all want the same things I want. I just need to work harder, faster, and more proficiently then them. I need to put in more hours, QUALITY HOURS, to get there quicker than them. No one said this was an ez gig. I was going to work in the finance industry before poker and 60-70 hour weeks would be expected. Nothing changes, except instead of finance its poker. I need to work harder than everyone else.
  • 5 workouts a week 1-2 with Bobby (Personal Trainer)
      • How- This is straight up motivation. Nothing to this other than not being lazy and getting into the gym every morning. I prefer working out first thing after I workout as it gives me energy throughout the day.
  • Weight / Body fat % reduction #'s
      • How- I am doing measurements with Bobby on Wednesday so I will have the numbers to work towards. I want goals that are both reachable and allow me to completely surpass my goals.
  • Each workout devote the whole 60 mins w everything you got
      • How – This is something that Bobby will help me with a ton. If I could afford to do every workout with him I would, but unfortunately that is expensive and probably unnecessary. I am having him give me “homework” in between workouts. This is just a straight up motivation goal and if I want to meet my #'s I will need to accomplish this goal first.
  • Log Food Everyday
      • How- I need to be accountable for what I am eating if I want to reach goals. This helps me stay accountable. I will have cheat meals occasionally but I need to make sure I'm eating right. I will be recording my food intake on pen / paper or on my phone then every night or 2 I will log it online on my trainers food record sight.
  • Schedule Cheat meals around events (Football games etc)
      • How – By knowing when I will be eating bad meals I can make sure mi eating clean up to the event. This will help me stay clean with my meals as much as possible.
  • Eat good while eating out.
      • How – I need to focus on good low calorie meals while eating out, which I tend to do a lot as I'm out of the house 8 hours a day while playing. Chipotle is awesome with Chicken bowls (Brown rice, fajita mix, chicken, and salsa). There is a good terryaki place by Tulalip also where I can get Plain chicken breast with brown rice. Also Applebees is near by and they have a good menu of meals under 500 calories. Unfortunately the casino doesn’t offer many good healthy options other than Salmon and breakfast options on the night menu.
Life Goals
  • Be more efficient with time
      • how – I must set a schedule. Every Sunday night I need to schedule out my week. What events I have, When I'm going to play, when I'm going to study. Everything. Each night before I go to bed I need to adjust my schedule for the next day. Sleep is the other big thing. I need to rest, not sleep. Sleep is when you go to bed when you want and wake up when you want. I need rest, my 6-8 hours then get back to the grind. Setting an alarm and GETTING UP when it goes off, because I know what I need to accomplish that day.
  • Routine
      • How- I feel routine is key to my success. During my most profitable time as a poker player I had set schedules. By setting a schedule I get the most use out of my time. Wither I'm at home or on the road I need to develop an easy repeatable schedule. This will revolve around poker and exercise and my personal activities.
  • Weekly check ups on my goals
      • How – At the end of each week I need to see how I am progressing on my goals and what adjustments I need to make for the next week in order correct my mistakes.

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  1. Putting yourself goals in poker is at some point useful but you shouldn't go for a too hard challenge.