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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

No Days off Day 15

No Days off Day 15

Poker - So yesterday I caught a early flight back from the WPT in Miami, which was awesome. Great location and poker there. I feel that it will be the biggest stop on the WPT in the next couple of years. The trip overall did not go to well. I never got above starting stack in any of the 5 tournaments I played. Also lost money in cash games there. I have not done the official records yet so don’t have a number but it was not a fun trip poker wise. I was suppose to fly back Monday morning but I switched my flight to Tuesday in order to sweat my good friend Allen Bari at the final table. Unfortunately he did not get the result he wanted with a 5th place finish. Its always fun and motivating though to sweat these final tables and was glad I switched my flight.

Nutrition- the last couple of days on this trip I really slacked off on my diet. I am home in Seattle for 9 days so I have a could chunk of time to focus on my diet and cook my own food. Yesterday was a good day for me eating well.

Breakfast – Bowl of raisin Brand w/ Banana
Snack- Protein bar and Special K 90 cal bar (while on plane).
Lunch – Protein shake and light yogurt
Snack – protein bar
Dinner – Chicken with Mushrooms tomatoes peppers and a salad with light dressing.

I made up 3 more chicken dinners and brown rice last night also so I have those meals already prepped and portioned out which is very good for me.


I got a very good workout in last night. I got in 28 sets in just over an hour at the gym. I did Bis/ Tris and Core. I am expecting a very hard workout with Bobby today as the first one back with him always seems to be the toughest.

Biceps – 1) 21's – 7 curls from down to middle position. 7 curls from top to middle position . 7 full length curls

      1. Hammer Curls
      2. Seated dumbbell incline curls
Triceps 1) Pulldowns
      1. Assisted dips
      2. Squat kick backs
Core 1) Seated machine weighted crunchs
      1. Side oblique raises
      2. V side to side medicine ball with a throw
      3. Stir the pot planks on exercise ball.
Today no poker games running in seattle so im going golfing, working out, and going to the Mariners game I believe.

Video of the day- Steve Aoki! Saw him last week in concert and he is the shit!

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